- Tough stainless steel construction

- Impermeability design for water and/or chemical products

- Blends beautifully with other materials (e.g.: wood, plastic, etc.)

- All welds are full, continuous and acid bleached (polishing option)

- Compliant to food industry sanitary standards

All projects are custom designed to meet YOUR requirements.

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Kitchen cabinetry

L-1 Kitchen cabinetry

5 Storage Doors

L-2 5 Storage Doors


L-3 Cabinet

2 Storage Doors

L-4 2 Storage Doors

Vanity with double sink

L-5 Vanity with double sink


L-6 Vanity

Laboratory furniture

L-7 Laboratory furniture

Outside furnishings

L-8 Outside furnishings

Outside 4 Storage Doors

L-9 Outside 4 Storage Doors

Outside Vanity

L-10 Outside Vanity

Scale Station

Scale Station