- Tough stainless steel construction

- Large selection of modular belts or straps

- Electric or hydraulic-driven motor

- Stainless steel bearings

- UHMW guides for better sliding belts

- Fitted with security rails to prevent risks of entrapment

- Possible installation of gutters to prevent dripping on the floor

- Structure openings allow for easy cleaning

- All welds are full, continuous and acid bleached (polishing option)

- Compliant to CSST and food industry sanitary standards

All projects are custom designed to meet YOUR requirements.

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U-Shaped Conveyor

F-1 U-Shaped Conveyor

stainless steel conveyor

F-2 Conveyor

Curved Conveyor

F-3 Curved Conveyor

Endless Screw Conveyor

F-4 Endless Screw Conveyor

Ascending Conveyor

F-5 Ascending Conveyor

Swinging Conveyor

F-6 Swinging Conveyor

Ascending Spiral Conveyor

F-7 Ascending Spiral Conveyor

conveyor with baffle

F-8 Conveyor with baffle

Chained Overhead Conveyor

F-9 Chained Overhead Conveyor

Conveyor for breaded products

F-10 Conveyor for breaded products

Retractable Conveyor

F-11 Retractable Conveyor

Canon of transport

F-12 Canon of transport

Metal Detector

F-13 Metal Detector

inox rotating grate

F-14 Rotating Grate

inox rotating grate

F-15 Rotating Grate


Folding Sides

Folding Sides

Belt Raiser

Belt Raiser

Belt Cleaner

Belt Cleaner

Quick Belt Tensioner

Quick Belt Tensioner