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Passionate about stainless steel and most particularly known in the food industry, we work with customers in many types of environments, such as: pharmaceutical, manufacturing, biotechnology, medical, industrial and many others.

ALIFAB offers consulting services for:

•  The development of technical drawings and specifications
•  Factory layout planning
•  The integration of food processing machines
•  Optimization methodss
•  As well as technical consultation

We design, manufacture and install quality equipment according to the highest sanitary standards, tailored to your needs and according to your specific requirements.

Turnkey project !


•  Factory Layout Design

Successful companies periodically review their production methods to adapt to the changing needs of their customers, to market fluctuations or to acquire the latest technological innovations. ALIFAB is a credible partner for the design and configuration of your new factory layout. We provide all documents, plans, specifications and information relevant to the realization of your project. We ensure you have all the support you need and deserve and we also ensure that our experienced team make you feel comfortable in the process.

•  Design - 2D and 3D Drawings

ALIFAB offers a custom design service for stainless steel products. We have the experience and eloquent achievements, as well as a competent and dedicated team to design high quality products to meet your specific needs.

If you have an idea lurking in the back of your mind; the ALIFAB team can bring it to life.

•  Manufacturing

Our expertise in manufacturing stainless steel products will give you peace of mind. Each step is thoroughly inspected to ensure high quality products.

If you can imagine it, we can make it..

Click on the items below for more details.

    -  Laser for cutting stainless steel

    -  Milling machine for cutting various types of plastics and rubbers

    -  Press Brake

    -  Machining

    -  Welding and assembly of 304L - 316L stainless steel

    -  Polishing

    -  Hydraulic, Pneumatic or Electric-driven motor automation

•  Installation at customer's site

We have specialized equipment and the expertise of our qualified personnel to repair, modify or install your equipment according to your needs and expectations.

•  Maintenance and Equipment Service

Our mobile teams maintain, verify and adjust your equipment, as well as replace problem parts, and aim to ensure continued maximum operation.

ALIFAB is a one stop solution for anything made of stainless steel and we will stop at nothing to anticipate and respond to market demands and our customers. The significant and ongoing investment in our tooling machines reflects our confidence in the future.


Here is a sneak-peak of our tooling machines.

• Laser Machine - Amada

Click here or on the image to see the video.



• Milling Machine - Multicam

Click here or on the image to see the video.



• Press Break Machine - Amada

Click here or on the image to see the video.


Whether it's for designing plans and specifications, the realization of a factory layout plan of your existing equipment, to optimize your current methods, or the integration of new equipment, we will be happy to assist you with the greatest care and with impressive speed.

ALIFAB has gained extensive experience through the major projects we've acheived thanks to our experienced team. Our team of designers, project managers, machinists, welders and assemblers plays a key role in this acheivement.

Nothing is left to chance in able to meet your expectations, while respecting the HACCP, GFSI, MAPAQ, CFIA standards.

Our areas of expertise can be offered individually or combined to suit your specific needs.

Our skills enable us to take complete charge of your project from beginning to end or in collaboration with your team.